Ervin Cavalier article

A Story Of The Old Fisherman

A newspaper article about the life of Ervin Cavalier, an old Pierre Part, Louisiana fisherman.

Fun Fact: Gail‘s dad, Ervin Cavalier, is a fisherman who speaks Cajun French more fluently than English. He loves to tell tall tales and stories from his past, and is well-known for being a jokester.

Petal Pals: Swamp AdventureHe’s a real character, which is one of the reasons Gail and I made him the central character in our first children’s picture book, Petal Pals: Swamp Adventure. In real life, Ervin is a short man, and he likes to jokingly call himself “Too Tall Ervin”. For that reason, we made the character an egret, named Too Tall Ervin, who had a difficult time dealing with his extreme height.

Ervin’s life stories and adventures could fill a novel, and I wish I had time to write that book. Until then, we happily find pleasure when his stories are told at family gatherings. And now, we have a newspaper article that gives a glimpse of his life. Below is a PDF of the article that appeared in Pierre Part’s local paper, The Bayou – Pioneer, Profile Edition.

Now you’ll have an idea of where our Cavalier Life all began. Enjoy the story. 🙂

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