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Donna Cavalier

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About Me


Writing novels…now that’s a trip! People have all sorts of preconceptions about what a writer does when she sits down to write a novel. Well, I don’t know about other writers, but I know what happens when I write.

First, I wonder what the heck I’m going to write about. Ok, staring at the blank white screen is probably something every writer experiences, so I doubt I’m any different there.

Second, I let my mind wander a little through the previous scenes of the book, until the magic starts to happen. Oh yeah, I definitely call it magic. There’s no way I am actually controlling what gets written. I may control the rewrites as I edit, but the words that get initially typed? Nope, there’s no control over those. They just spew out onto the screen like a drunk college kid spews out the Strawberry Hill he drank a few hours ago. The words just explode onto the screen, and there they are.

Characters I never planned suddenly exist.

Plot changes I hadn’t imagined have plopped themselves into the story line.

The book actually writes itself, I swear. My only job is to come up with the initial concept, name a few major characters, and then edit everything once the magic has happened.

So if any of you ever wanted to write a book but were too scared, thinking you didn’t have the talent to do so, I say “screw that!” You might need talent to edit, but hey, editors can be hired. But the story itself? It’s right there inside you. All you have to do is let the magic happen.

Try it. You’ll see.