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Donna Cavalier

I'm just a little cavalier about it all

About Me

Wedding Officiant

Love. Love is the greatest, isn’t it? I love love, and I love working with people who are celebrating their love for each other. Being a wedding officiant is the best job ever! I started this gig late in life but I’m having the time of my life!

I’ve looked into the teary eyes of a man in love, as his momma walked him up the aisle, while the theme song to Friday the 13th played.

I’ve stood under the flashing colored disco lights while I said “Repeat After Me”, and married two sweethearts.

I’ve listened to the vows of couples who’ve waited a lifetime to have the chance to marry their one true love.

Every wedding … every couple … brings huge joy into my life. I’m filled with happy, light energy before, during, and after each ceremony. My life is filled with happy moments and amazing people.

It doesn’t get much better than that, y’all.