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Donna Cavalier

I'm just a little cavalier about it all

About Me

Wife, StepMom, and MawMaw

It’s a great time to be alive! I actually get to be exactly who I am, which means I am allowed to be married to the crazy, wonderful woman that I love (that’s you, Gail), and I get to have a family full of wonderful stepkids and grandkids to make my life complete. (Along with my six dogs, of course!). Without Megan, Jessica, and Tiffany, as well as McKayla, Donovan, Joshua, Tyler, and Hailey, I’d be wandering around feeling a little lost. I might not understand why there was emptiness there, but I’d feel the empty space nevertheless. Luckily, there’s no empty space here!

Nope, not one bit of empty space. Living in a 1-bedroom, 1-bath, 650sf home with 6 dogs, a ton of clothes (thanks honey!), and the accumulated junk of two lifetimes, means that there’s barely enough room to play tug-of-war with Doc, much less dance like Tom Cruise in my undies and socks. (Yeah, that was definitely a nightly “thing” when I lived alone).

But it’s a great time to be alive! I wouldn’t trade all the space in the world or all the sock-sliding imaginable, if it meant not having my wife, stepkids, grandkids and pups in my life. Bring on the wrinkles. I can take ’em!