BBQ Shrimp Pizza meal kit

BBQ Shrimp Pizza with Pico De Gallo

Hours later, I'm still digging on how good this BBQ Shrimp Pizza was. I want to eat this often!
Loved This Pizza!
  • Flavor (5 = best)
  • Prep Time (5 = short and easy)
  • Difficulty Level (5 = easiest)
  • Cleanup (5 = quickest)


One bite of this pizza and Gail said, “Wow, this is good! Better than I expected!”

I was in mid-munch, and I muttered, “Mmm, it IS good!”

We devoured this pizza and talked about how good it was the entire time. The sweetness of the barbecue sauce, combined with the tangy lime and pico de gallo, added the perfect kick to the shrimp and onion pizza. Hours later, I’m still digging on the flavor.

The prep work was quick and easy, and there was almost nothing to have to clean up.

Home Chef just redeemed itself. This meal rocked.


If you decide to try Home Chef, you can get $30 off your first order by clicking this link. You can freely choose to skip or cancel future deliveries, so there is no lock-in. If you don't like it, no worries. Just skip a week (or weeks), or cancel the service completely.

Disclosure: If you use my coupon code, I also receive credit on my meal kit. We both benefit!

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