• Cashing In

    Cashing In

    Today’s Bloganuary prompt is: If you had a billion US dollars, how would you spend it? To answer that question, I’ll just assume I’ve won the lottery, opted for the cash payout, and after taxes, I have a billion dollars left to do whatever I choose with it.  I actually already have some of this…

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  • I Just Can’t

    I Just Can’t

    Today’s Bloganuary prompt is: What chore do you find the most challenging to do? I’m not fond of chores at all, but there are some that are definitely more challenging than others for me. It mostly boils down to the height of the chore. I can’t bend. I can’t reach the ground in any way,…

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  • What Is Success, Really?

    What Is Success, Really?

    Today’s Bloganuary prompt is: How do you define success? As I read that prompt, I thought, oh, I’ve already blogged about this. Then, I scoured this site to find the post I remembered, and it didn’t exist. I worried about my memory at that point, but a few minutes later, it all came back to…

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  • Life Changing Words

    Life Changing Words

    Today’s Bloganuary prompt is: Has a book changed your life? There’s no doubt one has, though it is probably not in the way the question was intended. There is no book I’ve READ that has changed my life. I’ve read many thousands of books over my lifetime, and none of them stand out in that…

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  • The Most Memorable Gift

    The Most Memorable Gift

    Today’s post may be uncomfortable for some. I’m sorry for that. Sometimes, life is uncomfortable. Don’t read if you’d rather not feel uncomfortable today. Today’s Bloganuary prompt is: What is the most memorable gift you have received? I tried hard to come up with a less triggering answer for this prompt, but this one gift…

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  • The Longest Branch of My Family Tree

    The Longest Branch of My Family Tree

    Today’s Bloganuary prompt is: How far back in your family tree can you go? I spent a long time using Ancestry.com to fill in my family tree several years ago. It was fun but exhausting, and eventually, I had to just stop. So when I saw this prompt today, I was a little jazzed about…

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  • Falling


    Both reviled and revered, It’s an essential of life. Often more feared Than the slash of a knife. It dismisses the rituals that are performed Silently mocks those that beseech its return. Disguises itself as the tears I’ve never worn, Falsely pledges to soothes life’s burns. I am rain, it says, I bring both life…

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  • That’s Entertainment!

    That’s Entertainment!

    Today’s Bloganuary prompt is: Why do I write? Good question. I don’t have a very inspiring answer, I’m afraid. I enjoy telling stories. Sometimes, I tell them verbally. More often, I place fingers on keys, and write. Other times, I combine the two. I’ll write, and then read it aloud, embellishing the already-embellished written words…

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  • Oh, The Joy!

    Oh, The Joy!

    Today’s Bloganuary prompt is What brings me joy in life? Presents!  I love receiving presents. They don’t have to be worth more than a nickel. It isn’t the value of the present that matters, it’s the surprise and anticipation and excitement of receiving something from someone. Sticky notes? Yep, I got excited about receiving colorful…

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