Time to go free little lizard

Bonding With A Lizard?

What do nature's creatures think and feel? Today, I wondered again, as a tiny lizard seemed to bond with Gail.

Do you ever wonder what creatures are really thinking at any given point in time? I often do. Today, I tried to understand the thoughts of the tiniest little lizard I’ve ever seen.

As I swung the back door, I noticed an itsy bitsy lizard in the corner of the laundry room. My back was hurting and I knew I couldn’t bend down to rescue it, so I called Gail over to help.

She reached down and quickly picked up the little guy. (I have no idea if it was a guy or a gal, but we’ll just go with my gut on this one).

What a little cutie, and so small! We stepped outside to let him go back to where he needed to be. The poor baby wasn’t going to eat well inside, after all.

Lizards like to hang around our back porch because they have plenty of bugs to snack on in the evenings, as the bugs gather around the porch lights. That seemed like the logical place to let the little guy go free.

Only he had a different idea. He decided Gail’s hands were his new safe haven. He had no intention of leaving his new home either. You could almost hear his little sigh of relief as he settled comfortably into the palm of her hand.

When Gail encouraged him more strongly to find his new home, he did his best to reject her offer. He chose her wrist as an acceptable replacement for her hands. I thought he looked like a tattoo there! Don’t you think?

Little lizard looks like a tattoo

We were almost convinced that Gail had acquired a new, permanent pet, but finally, after much coaxing, our little friend finally decided to take a leap of faith – and he leapt onto the wooden pickets, ready to find his freedom at last.

I can’t help but wonder what he was thinking as he struggled to remain on Gail’s hands. Was he afraid? Was he happy? Did he feel some kind of connection with Gail? Did she make him feel safe?

I’ll never know what this world’s creatures feel or think, I guess, but I’ll never stop wondering.

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