Lake End Park, Morgan City, spanish moss

De-Stressing With Nature, Spanish Moss, Ducks, and Water

I inherited my mom’s habit of worrying. When we didn’t have two pennies to our name, I worried about not being able to pay the bills. Now that we can make each month’s bills on time (barely), I worry that something will happen to the peace of mind we now have. Crazy, right?

Gail’s Word Is Her Bond

When we moved here to Pierre Part, I asked Gail to promise me that she would take me to Lake End Park (the beach in Morgan City) at least once a month. Now, I’m not an outdoorsy kind of gal, so I don’t normally make these kinds of requests. But I saw this place for the first time not long before we moved, and was so awed at its beauty that I no longer feared moving here. Just knowing I could quickly go there to de-stress once in a while really put my mind at ease about the move. I’ve been extra stressed lately, so Gail took me to the park for a few hours today.

Gail and I at Lake End Park, Morgan City, LA

Nature Adjusted The Weather Just For Me

The weather, while not ideal for most people, ended up being perfect for me. The wind was kicking but not biting, the sky was overcast, and the temperature was in the low 70’s. It wasn’t cold, it wasn’t hot. This allowed me to stay outside for more than a few minutes. Normally, being outside makes me sick pretty quickly, but today was great. I did start feeling ill at some point, but I was able to enjoy it for much longer than normal.

The Beauty Is Endless

There’s something about the way that the silver-gray Spanish moss blows in the breeze, allowing bits of bright green to peek through the strands that sets a sense of ease over me. Birds flying overhead, ducks waddling along the beach, and the occasional squirrel sitting near a tree all contributed to the peaceful veil that laid itself gently across my mind.

It was the weekend, so there were plenty of people there. Picnicking families with children running and playing, joggers and walkers getting exercise, campers and RV’ers doing their thing. Despite the many people, the area was still quiet. I was able to stand among the trees and just hear silence, interrupted only by the flutter of a bird’s wing.

Stress Is Never Completely Gone

I’m not yet able to completely let go of the stress and worry, even when I’m there, but I get a lot closer there than anywhere else. I honestly can’t remember the last time I could spend even a few minutes without my mind buzzing with all the things that need to be done, or all the things that might cause me to worry. But today, I had those moments. It was a beautiful thing. Thank you, Gail.

Do you have a place where peace settles your soul? Go there as often as you can.

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