Farro and Lentil Mujaddara meal kit

Farro and Lentil Mujaddara

The Farro and Lentil Mujaddara was a good, hearty meal with interesting flavors, but it took quite a bit of effort, with a bit too much cleanup.
Good But Lots Of Effort
  • Flavor (5 = best)
  • Prep Time (5 = short and easy)
  • Difficulty Level (5 = easiest)
  • Cleanup (5 = quickest)


Let’s start with the end.

When I sat down to eat this dish, my thought was, “This better be excellent, because that was exhausting!”

I fully expected it to not be worth the effort. And it really wasn’t. Which isn’t to say it wasn’t good. It was good; much better than I expected really. But I’m not looking forward to cleaning up after this one, and I’m really tired from preparing it. Here’s why.

The First Problem

First, the farro and lentil mixture stuck to the pan. I realized that as I was attempting to drain the water from the pot. There was no water. There was plenty of “unstuck” food to go around, so that wasn’t an issue, but the instructions called for putting the drained mixture back into the pot, so more ingredients could be added to it. That wasn’t feasible with the stuck to the bottom problem, so I had to quickly find another pot (a large pan in my case) as a replacement.

And Then The Profanity Began

Then, the eggs were an issue. The instructions specify to keep them separate in the pan, but that just didn’t happen. Between my house being slightly crooked, and the pan being slightly bent, those two eggs had nowhere to go but together. The issue with that was the problem of later separating them when I needed to take them out of the pan. Oh my. I might have used a bit of profanity in that attempt. I tried my hardest to split them apart with a spoon, a spatula, a knife, you name it. They had no intention of separating. And of course, the longer it took me to separate them, the more they continued to cook.

So, while I eventually got them apart, they were a little more cooked than they should have been. Tasted fine, but not ideal by any means.

Don’t Look At My Kitchen Right Now

And the mess…oh the mess. There is plenty of mess for me to clean up, which I am not looking forward to.

Odd But Good

The flavor though was good. Of course, Gail was a little apprehensive about trying this one because it looks odd. We don’t often eat a meal with an egg on top like that. And neither of us is familiar with farro or black beluga lentils. I wanted to try these new things. I like the farro. I like the lentils a little less. But all in all, this was a hearty meal that we both enjoyed.

Worth Trying?

I just didn’t enjoy it enough to think it justified the amount of work and trouble I had to go through. Some of that is probably my own fault, and you might not have the problems I had. So keep that in mind when deciding if you want to try this one. I think you should try it, honestly. At least once.


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