Freaky Fried Rice with Freekeh meal kit

Freaky Fried Rice – Or Freekeh To Be Exact

The "fried rice" in this case is a grain called "freekeh" and it is a perfect substitute for rice. The different flavors worked very well together to create a yummy, can't-stop-eating-it, Chinese-style vegetarian meal.
Better Than Expected
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When the Blue Apron box arrived today, I told Gail to choose which meal she wanted me to make tonight. She chose the Freekeh “Fried Rice” because she wasn’t hungry, and assumed she wouldn’t really like this dish, so it would be the perfect one for her to be able to walk away from.

Just Get A Little Freaky

Of course, I’ve never heard of Freekeh before, and I don’t know how to pronounce that word, so I choose to just call it “Freaky”. Works for me! 🙂

Tired, Slow, But Determined

I had a wedding reception to manage tonight. (I’m a wedding officiant, in case you were unaware). So I got home late, and was really too tired to cook, but I decided to make this dish anyway.

It took longer than it probably should have because I was in slow motion. Nevertheless, it eventually came together.

The Final Verdict

Gail tasted it. She tasted a little more. Then she proceeded to devour the rest of the dish. Despite the fact that she wasn’t hungry, she couldn’t stop eating it.

I thought it was very good too, and I didn’t leave any crumbs for the dogs either. Of course, I should note that there was no “rice” in this “fried rice” dish. The freekeh is a grain that is a substitute for the “rice” in a typical fried rice dish. It makes a perfect substitute.

All the veggies were cooked perfectly, and the flavors melded together nicely. None of the flavors overwhelmed the others. The honey-marinated carrots contrasted well with the ginger-garlic broccoli and peas mix. The soy-flavored freekeh and nuts added the final savory touch.

A Health Benefit To Top It Off

I was happy to make a dish that included some fresh ginger. I not only love the taste of ginger, but I want to include more of it in our diet because it is a natural remedy for pain and inflammation. A bit more ginger would have made the dish even that much more flavorful, but I’m not going to complain.

If you like Asian-inspired vegetable dishes, and are looking for a flavorful vegetarian meal to cook, you won’t go wrong with this one.


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