Sweet Potato Quesadillas meal kit

Roasted Sweet Potato Quesadillas

These sweet potato quesadillas are flavorful and delicious. You can't go wrong with this Blue Apron meal kit. Yum!
Sweet Sensation
  • Flavor (5 = best)
  • Prep Time (5 = short and easy)
  • Difficulty Level (5 = easiest)
  • Cleanup (5 = quickest)


I’ve been looking forward to trying this meal since I ordered it, and it did not disappoint me! Wow, this was sensational. Gail and I are huge quesadilla fans, so trading the meat for sweet potatoes was definitely a gamble, but it paid off big!

The salad rocked as well, and the avocado crema was delicious. I just wish there’d been a lot more of the crema.

This is the first time I’ve used cheese “curds” before. I’m used to either buying perfect blocks of cheese, packages of sliced cheese, or nice bags of shredded cheese. A handful of odd-shaped curds was a first for me, but in the end, they were just odd-shaped bits of cheese. Nothing weirder than that.

Gail said, “This is the best meal we’ve gotten from Blue Apron so far.” I agree. Fantastic.


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