• Feelin’ The WordPress Vibe

    Feelin’ The WordPress Vibe

    When WordPress was born 20 years ago, it broke new ground and changed the world in so many ways. It bettered the lives of millions of people, including mine. Just as WordPress caused this positive disruption two decades ago, AI is now poised to do the same. So to honor WordPress and the love I…

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  • Does This Thing Have Wheels?

    Does This Thing Have Wheels?

    Back in the day, being mobile generally required wheels, but of course, the word “mobile” evokes images of phones now. When WordPress began in 2003, mobile phones existed, but they were far from smart. I bring this up because although I am a long-time smart phone user and a much longer-time WordPress fan, today is…

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  • A Trip Down Website Memory Lane

    A Trip Down Website Memory Lane

    As WordPress gears up to celebrate its 20th anniversary, I’ve ventured down memory lane and taken a look back at some of my early WordPress websites. But this begins before the birth of WordPress. The earliest website I built – that I can recall was launched before WordPress was created. Back in the good old…

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