The Future of WordPress

This was a fun week, professionally, I mean. I was one of the panelists speaking on “Preparing for the Future of WordPress” at the Page Builder Summit, which is an online event focused around WordPress page building tools.

As an employee of, a division of Automattic, my goal was to help everyone understand what the future of WordPress might look like, and how they could be ready to take advantage of the coming features. This also led to helping quell people’s fears about how these changes might affect them, and their livelihoods.

The session was an hour long, and I was joined on the panel by the extremely knowledgeable Anne McCarthy, who I swear is the encyclopedia of all things “future WordPress”. The panel was moderated by Marjorie Asturias. She is a genius at asking the right questions at the right time to make the conversation interesting and lively. I felt a bit like the goofy Auntie in the room, haha, but I hope I was able to impart at least some nuggets of wisdom.

If you are interested in WordPress or site building and are wanting to watch it, I’ve uploaded it here. I would be very curious to hear your thoughts, either about the presentation itself, or about the topic in general.

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