Couple out of the shower

The Things Ya See On The Street

I might be turning into that snoopy old lady who glares at the neighbors from behind her curtain. That's how I found myself yesterday, watching the neighbors.

Remember when you were a kid, running around the neighborhood? There was always that one snoopy old lady who would peek out of the curtain on her front door, a scowl on her sourpuss face. She was always all up into everyone else’s business, right?

I think I might have turned into that lady.

Yesterday, I heard a little bit of commotion outside, and the dogs started barking. So I peeked out of the curtain on our front door to see what was going on.

A cop was parked in the driveway of the rental across the street. That isn’t even close to the first time I’ve seen that, and it’s often pretty interesting to find out who is doing what over there. Once, there were many police cars lining the street, with a squadron of officers roaming around, rifles at the ready.

Yesterday, it was just one lone officer though. He really didn’t look too concerned. I’d almost call him “cavalier” about it all.

Despite that, I’d say the rest of the scene was one of the more interesting ones I’ve snooped on.

A young woman, with a bath towel wrapped around her (apparently) naked body, came out of the apartment building. She had a cell phone in one hand, held up to her ear, and the other hand was clutching the top of the towel, to presumably keep it on her body.

Shortly after she appeared, a young man came out. He was shirtless, and he looked like he’d also just gotten out of a shower.

As the policeman watched, the two of them walked down the driveway, onto the road, and proceeded to walk down the road.

It was the oddest sight. Just two barely-dressed people, walking down the road. It looked something like this.

Couple out of the shower

I don’t think I completely qualify for snoopy old lady status, since I’m pretty sure I didn’t have a grumpy old scowl on my face. It was probably more like a “WTF” look, ya know?

The officer eventually got back into his car and drove away.

I closed the curtain and went on with life.

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