Whatever Works, Y’all!

I love the fact that my last name is now Cavalier. Don’t get me wrong. Being Donna Fontenot was always great, but now that I’m Donna Fontenot Cavalier – well, it’s just that much more awesome, ya know? Why? Because that’s a pretty good way to be, I think. Just a little cavalier about life.

Yeah…that’s me…


So what is the definition of Cavalier? There are several, really, so naturally, I chose the one I like best. 🙂

King Charles 1
“Mr. Fancypants, himself”
The term was originally meant as an insult to the debonair aristocrats who were loyal to King Charles 1 of England, and who were often trained in horsemanship and arms. I picture them this way…What do you get when you cross the Knights of the Round Table with the King Charles Cavaliers? A loyal, hard-fighting, group of fancypants gentlemen.

Obviously, that’s not the definition I’ve chosen to associate with.

Another definition refers to an “attitude”, and this is the one that I’m drawn to. The “kids definition” of cavalier, as defined by Mirriam-Webster, is this:

  • Cavalier: easy and lighthearted in manner
  • Cavalier: having or showing no concern for a serious or important matter

My own twist to this definition is that I would add the following:

“A cavalier person is easy and lighthearted in manner, and has no concern for those things that most people consider to be serious or important matters”.

That gets down to the nitty-gritty of it all for me. I like to go through life in an easy and lighthearted manner, in which I am unconcerned with the things that others are so serious about…but which I find to be trivial and unimportant. A favorite saying of mine tends to be, “Whatever works, y’all!”

Let’s look at an example of what cavalier means to me and discuss the world’s insistence upon the importance of matching socks. Or even the importance of matching clothing of all types, in general. I find such things to be relatively unimportant, and I am unconcerned with following the rules laid out by society in regards to these matters.

This blog, therefore, will represent the many faces of me, and will chronicle the journey I take through life in my own cavalier way. I hope you enjoy my little jaunts and escapades, and my wish is that you won’t be too offended by any mis-matched socks that you may observe during these little mind-travels.


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