• Preparing for “The Time after Time”

    Preparing for “The Time after Time”

    I’ve reached that age where I understand how short our lifetimes really are. Sure, I may live for another 20 years or so, but it’s just as likely I’ll shut my eyes for the last time within a year or two. Who knows? No one, of course, but I feel the end more keenly than…

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  • It Speaks For Me

    It Speaks For Me

    Today’s Bloganuary post is: What is a song or poem that speaks to you and why? I’m going to turn this one around just a little. I’m not going to share a song that speaks TO me. Instead, I’m going to share a song that speaks FOR me. Let me explain. In yesterday’s post, I…

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  • Lying to Myself

    Lying to Myself

    Today’s Bloganuary prompt is: What’s a lie you tell yourself? I don’t tend to lie to myself about things. I’m pretty realistic most of the time. And even when I do try to lie to myself, I know it’s a lie. I know what the reality actually is. But I suppose if I must answer…

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  • Even In the Friendliest of Faces

    Even In the Friendliest of Faces

    Today’s Bloganuary prompt is: What fear have you conquered? I drive around the parking lot several times. There’s a spot available not too far out, but it’s in the shadows, so I continue circling until someone under a street lamp leaves. I pull into the spot, gather my things, place my car keys between my…

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  • What Is Success, Really?

    What Is Success, Really?

    Today’s Bloganuary prompt is: How do you define success? As I read that prompt, I thought, oh, I’ve already blogged about this. Then, I scoured this site to find the post I remembered, and it didn’t exist. I worried about my memory at that point, but a few minutes later, it all came back to…

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  • The Most Memorable Gift

    The Most Memorable Gift

    Today’s post may be uncomfortable for some. I’m sorry for that. Sometimes, life is uncomfortable. Don’t read if you’d rather not feel uncomfortable today. Today’s Bloganuary prompt is: What is the most memorable gift you have received? I tried hard to come up with a less triggering answer for this prompt, but this one gift…

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  • Falling


    Both reviled and revered, It’s an essential of life. Often more feared Than the slash of a knife. It dismisses the rituals that are performed Silently mocks those that beseech its return. Disguises itself as the tears I’ve never worn, Falsely pledges to soothes life’s burns. I am rain, it says, I bring both life…

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  • Should I Just Keep My Mouth Shut? Rambling Thoughts on Bravery

    Should I Just Keep My Mouth Shut? Rambling Thoughts on Bravery

    Today’s Bloganuary word prompt is, “How am I brave”?  Yesterday, we delved a little into the definition of the word, achieve. Today, let’s do the same for the word, brave.  Merriam-Webster’s definition is “having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty”. But I like the meme definitions we all see…

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  • (Re)Creating Myself

    (Re)Creating Myself

    It’s my birthday today. Don’t get excited. I have one every year. You do too. Most people celebrate the event in some way, even if it’s just smiling when someone remembers to say Happy Birthday. I don’t do much on my birthday, generally, but I do think of that day as “my day”. I treat…

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