Chicken Rice Skillet with Lemon Aioli meal

EveryPlate Meal Kit Review – One More Try?

The EasyPlate Chicken Rice Skillet with Lemon Aioli meal kit was a family-friendly tasty dish that was easy to make, tasty, and left very little mess to clean up.


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The first time I tried EveryPlate, FedEx failed to deliver the box on the right day, so everything was ruined. I was upset, and sort of threw an online fit. EveryPlate got in touch with me and asked if I would give them a second chance. I agreed, and today is that day.

Today, my EveryPlate box arrived on time, so here’s an appropriate review of the EveryPlate meal kit service.

EveryPlate’s primary draw is its price. At just $4.99 per serving (plus $8.99 to ship the box), it’s a fair amount cheaper than HelloFresh, Blue Apron, or Home Chef.

The question is:

Does EveryPlate live up to the flavor and quality of the higher priced meal kit services?

The answer is simple. Yes.

The EveryPlate Chicken Rice Skillet was a simple, filling, tasty meal. I’d call this dish a family-friendly, American-style dish that will please most palates.

There weren’t a lot of ingredients, which made prep time quicker. Also, I loved the one-pan process, as that made cleanup incredibly quick and easy.

This dish isn’t fancy, so it didn’t give me that “Look at me, I’m a fancy chef” feeling. (I like that feeling, by the way). But if you want a good meal without all the fluff, EveryPlate might be just what you’re looking for. And the price is definitely right.

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3 thoughts on “EveryPlate Meal Kit Review – One More Try?

  1. Got mine on time however the produce was so close to expiration that by the third meal they were not good and couldn’t be used. That is Everyplate’s fault.

  2. Issues with produce being of poor quality. Literally had to replace some from my grocery store. Canceled my subscription. Do not try this service.

  3. I’ve had nothing but trouble with this company. Customer service is lacking. I cancelled my services. Hopefully it’s worked out for you others.

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