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EveryPlate Meal Kit Review – One And Done

Between FedEx not delivering on time, the hole in the box, and the spoiled meats and fish ingredients, I didn't get to try EveryPlate's dishes, and my frustration means I never will.

Yesterday, I was excited to try my first meal kit from EveryPlate. EveryPlate’s primary draw is its price. At just $4.99 per serving (plus $8.99 to ship the box), it’s a fair amount cheaper than HelloFresh, Blue Apron, or Home Chef. So I waited for the FedEx truck to arrive yesterday…and we even skipped lunch so we’d be nice and hungry for dinner.

Tick Tock

And I waited. The FedEx tracking page kept assuring me that the overnight delivery package would be delivered on time, which would be sometime yesterday before 8:00 pm. That’s pretty late for me to start making dinner, but I wasn’t worried. FedEx usually shows up before 2:00 pm here. But 2:00 rolled by, as did all the rest of the later hours. By 8:00 pm, the FedEx tracking page had changed its mind. It didn’t know when the package would be delivered. It did show though, that the package was still in Covington, and had been there all day. Covington is only about an hour away.

Where Is The Dang Chat Button?

Just after 8:00, I decided to chat with EveryPlate. After all, the email they’d sent when notifying me of shipment said to be sure to let them know if there were any delivery issues. There were two suggested methods of contact – phone and online chat, but phone contact was only available during normal office hours. So I went to the website. The email said to look for the Chat button in the lower right corner of the Contact page. I looked. No chat button.

I then did the usual –

  • refresh the page
  • close and restart the browser
  • cuss a little
  • yada yada yada

Still no button.

As my stomach growled, I thought, well let me try a different browser. Bingo! The chat button appeared in Chrome, but not in Firefox.

Tea Disappoints, Porito Is Called For

Less irritated now, I clicked the button and was quickly greeted by “Tea”, my customer service representative. I gave Tea my account details and explained that my shipment had not arrived. Tea explained to me that FedEx would be delivering it to me “today” (today was yesterday of course). I explained that “today” was over, so my box had not arrived. I then got accidentally logged out, so I have no idea if Tea would have said anything else or not, but by that time, I didn’t see the point of contacting them again, so I trudged into the kitchen and whipped up a quick Porito. (I’ll share my Porito recipe later. Until then, feel free to guess what a Porito is down in the comments. If you guess correctly, I’ll send you a coupon for a free meal kit if you don’t already have an account at one of the ones I have coupons for).

Tick Tock

Time passed…The sun rose on a new day. Now today’s “today” arrived. I woke up and quickly checked FedEx. Yes! Once again, they said the package would be delivered today. I hoped it was true this time.

Noon came and went, but then 18 minutes later, the dogs began to bark! The FedEx truck had arrived!

I Got A Little Fussy

I met the driver at the door and fussed at him. Yes, yes I did. He countered with the argument that he just delivers what they put on his truck. If they don’t put it on his truck, well… He shrugged. I nodded and smiled. “I understand,” I said. “I’m not mad at you. But I am mad at the person in Covington who let this box just sit around all day yesterday, and I want you to tell them that!”

He agreed to do so and I believed he would. I’m lying. I didn’t believe that. Of course, he won’t. He left here happy to be on his merry way, and had forgotten all about me by the time he hit the next block, I’m sure.

Hoy m bo~

Oh but wait! Before he left, I saw Gail peeking through the door’s curtain. Yes, the same curtain that I peek through when I’m in my snoopy old lady mode. Anyway, she was gesturing wildly at me and at the bottom corner of the box, near where my hand was holding it. There, in the corner, was a rather significant hole. I swiftly pointed the hole out to the driver, who asked me if I wanted to return the box. I said no, but that I wanted him to make note of it. He seemed unsure how to do that at first, but eventually, he had me write that note on the signature pad, with my finger. The note probably looked more like “Hoy m bo~” than “Hole in box” because who can write legibly with their finger on a signature pad, right? Anyway, I felt better knowing that someone would be aware of the “Hoy m bo~”, and I let the poor driver escape.

Into The Box We Go

I brought the box to the kitchen for the formal unboxing. You can see pictures above. What you can’t see from the photos, however, are the temperatures of the meats and fish packages. Okay, I didn’t stick a thermometer in them, so I can’t give you exact temperatures, but I can tell you this much. They weren’t cold. They weren’t even a wee bit chilly. So what were they then? INEDIBLE, that’s what. They were inedible.

The Blame Game

Now, I can probably blame FedEx for that. I mean, they didn’t deliver on time, and that was likely the primary factor. And of course, there was the hole in the box, which I’m sure let much of the cool air out, and the warm air in. But whose fault was the hole? Again, probably FedEx, but a case might also be made that perhaps EveryPlate’s boxes aren’t sturdy enough. No matter who must take the most blame, I wasn’t happy.

Phone Chat

Since it was still during office hours, I decided to call EveryPlate this time to let them know what happened. I am not sure who answered the phone. She probably told me her name, but if so, I don’t recall it. I gave her my account info, explained the situation, and she very nicely apologized, and offered a credit for the next week’s box. I asked if there was any other option, because I really wasn’t “feeling it”, ya know? My first box from EveryPlate was just a bad experience for me, and even though none of it might have been EveryPlate’s fault, I just wasn’t in the mood to give them another chance. She was disappointed in my decision, but she very nicely agreed to refund my money instead of giving me credit on a future purchase. That made me happy, we hung up the phone, and I went about the business of disposing of the meats and fish, plus the one rotten tomato that I forgot to mention earlier.


I checked out the recipe cards, and they seem pretty small, thin, and “slim” on directions. That means one of two things…either the recipes are super-simple or the directions suck. Looking at the recipes more closely, I’m guessing the dishes are just super-simple to make. Don’t get me wrong, easy is wonderful, but I have a feeling there’s a trade-off in what you end up with for that simplicity. But I’m just guessing here. I might be wrong.

One and Done

I can’t really review EveryPlate in any meaningful way because of the way things worked out. My attitude at this point is “Sorry, EveryPlate, One and Done”.

The service is cheap, so hey, you might want to give them a try. Your experience might be perfect. If so, I’d love for you to come here and let me know. Heck, let me know what your experience with them is anyway, good or bad. That would be helpful to visitors here as well.

One and Done. Over and Out.


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