EveryPlate Meal Kit Review – One More Try?


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The first time I tried EveryPlate, FedEx failed to deliver the box on the right day, so everything was ruined. I was upset, and sort of threw an online fit. EveryPlate got in touch with me and asked if I would give them a second chance. I agreed, and today is that day.

Today, my EveryPlate box arrived on time, so here’s an appropriate review of the EveryPlate meal kit service.

EveryPlate’s primary draw is its price. At just $4.99 per serving (plus $8.99 to ship the box), it’s a fair amount cheaper than HelloFresh, Blue Apron, or Home Chef.

The question is:

Does EveryPlate live up to the flavor and quality of the higher priced meal kit services?

The answer is simple. Yes.

The EveryPlate Chicken Rice Skillet was a simple, filling, tasty meal. I’d call this dish a family-friendly, American-style dish that will please most palates.

There weren’t a lot of ingredients, which made prep time quicker. Also, I loved the one-pan process, as that made cleanup incredibly quick and easy.

This dish isn’t fancy, so it didn’t give me that “Look at me, I’m a fancy chef” feeling. (I like that feeling, by the way). But if you want a good meal without all the fluff, EveryPlate might be just what you’re looking for. And the price is definitely right.

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14 responses to “EveryPlate Meal Kit Review – One More Try?”

  1. CLM Avatar

    Got mine on time however the produce was so close to expiration that by the third meal they were not good and couldn’t be used. That is Everyplate’s fault.

  2. Jeff Avatar

    Issues with produce being of poor quality. Literally had to replace some from my grocery store. Canceled my subscription. Do not try this service.

  3. mark Avatar

    I’ve had nothing but trouble with this company. Customer service is lacking. I cancelled my services. Hopefully it’s worked out for you others.

  4. Rachel Cashman Avatar
    Rachel Cashman

    I’ve gotten 2 boxes from them, both were missing ingredients. First box was missing sour cream. It was annoying, but grand scheme not that big a deal. Second box was missing potatoes and broccoli for 2 of the 3 meals I got. I reached out to them on the chat function of their website and they said they couldn’t send the missing ingredients so they’d credit my account for them. I asked if they could refund it to my card since I’d now have to go buy these ingredients at the store. They refused, so now I won’t actually get paid back for Everyplate’s mistake unless I take the gamble that they won’t mess up again. The cheapness of this box isn’t worth the headache.

  5. Maureen Avatar

    This is my second box and my husband lived every meal the first ine. That’s saying a lot because with the others I have tried he only cared for 1 of 3 of the meals. These aren’t fancy but they are simple. It’s nice to have a change in my usual. I am getting a box every other week so it’s definitely worth it to me

  6. Mee Avatar

    Horrible product and company. The meat is very low grade and tastes like it. I could not even it the pork loins because they tasted tainted. The bacon was literally just thick fat strips. I didn’t cancel in time for the second box to arrive. It was missing meat from one meal and produce from another. After reading other reviews, I now think this is their scam to force you to keep using their product. They won’t reimburse you, but give you credit. The portion sizes leave you hungry. IT IS NOT WORTH TRYING.

  7. Chelsea Avatar

    Wow, I’m honestly baffled at all of the comments with terrible reviews! Granted I’m only on my third box from them but everything has been fabulous. I haven’t been missing any ingredients, the produce has been fresh, and the meat has been really good. All of the meals have been super easy to make, minimal cleanup just like you noted, and delicious. I switched from BlueApron and have to say these meals are just as good at a much better price.

  8. Emily Avatar

    AVOID!! I’ve been trying to work with Every Plate customer service for two days now, with zero success. My first box arrived missing more than half the required produce, and what little produce was included in the box was rotten, necessitating a trip to the grocery store – exactly the opposite of what I’m paying for in a meal kit subscription service. My second box was supposed to arrive yesterday, was delivered to the wrong address apparently, and still has not arrived. Every Plate customer service team can do nothing about this even though UPS has verified that they did indeed deliver it to the wrong location and can’t get it back. Every time I request a supervisor, I’m given a variety of excuses as to why I can’t speak to one – even being told that they don’t have supervisors, which is ridiculous. Service is completely unacceptable.

  9. Ralph Hindo Avatar
    Ralph Hindo

    I tried them recently and package delivery was late. They would only give me shipping credit. I did look at the warm food that arrived late. Portions were small, very small. Reversing charges through my credit card company was not how I wanted to spend my time. Terrible service and support. Stay away

  10. KD Swindle Avatar
    KD Swindle

    Though we have only prepared 2 of our meals, we are loving Every Plate! Delivery was earlier in the day than expected, so we were able to cook that day. Ingredients were extremely fresh, neatly packed & recipes were clearly explained with pictures also. It has also made cooking dinner fun & something we actually look forward to. Thumbs up!

  11. Jerianne Smith Avatar

    I received my first package today and realized there were missing items. Portion size was small, yet has many calories quoted! I canceled because 1 meal is almost my whole day calorie budget! It came on time and boxed nicely but did not seem like 3 different meals for 2 people. Missing potatoes for one dish and I can tell I will need to add to the sauce packet. Canceled my subscription.

  12. Lauren Avatar

    I would never order from this company again, food is absolutely sub par, portions for 2 are barely for one.
    You are wasting your money and can do better shopping at Publix or even Aldi.
    And when I contacted customer service the rep laughed at me on chat saying “Sorry, ha! Returns. ” and “oh my, have a nice day lady” ummm….customer service, totally amazing ya’ll!!

  13. Robert Young Avatar

    This is my first Comment. I am writing to request your service to DELAY Delivery of My Meals for
    Four Weeks (until APRIL 20, 2022) because I will be Away From Home, traveling.
    I have READ your note describing your Requirements to Notify EveryPlate the Friday Before
    Scheduled Delivery, and I have met that Requirement by posting this request today.

    NOTED:Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!
    Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

    1. Donna Cavalier Avatar

      I can’t help you with that. I have nothing to do with that company. All I did was order their meals and review them. You need to get in touch with EveryPlate, not me.

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