Getting Creative with WordPress

You may see me posting more during this month (May, 2023) because this is the birthday month for WordPress. To celebrate its 20th birthday, I’ll occasionally post something here in honor of how it has changed so many lives, including mine.

Today, the WordPress marketing team has asked us to share the most creative use of WordPress that we know about, whether or not we created the site. Honestly, I don’t keep a list of cool sites I’ve seen in my memory, so the best I can do is share the most creative site I’ve personally created with WordPress.

Ready to know what it is? Okay, here you go!

The International Pirate Hall of Fame! Check it out! Go see it, really. I think you’ll smile.

Getting Creative with WordPress 2

I had so much fun creating this site. This is one I won’t forget.

Thanks, WordPress, for giving me the ability to get creative over the years!

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