Grilled Cheese and Veggie Jumble

Grilled Cheese Is Darn Good
  • Flavor (5 = best)
  • Prep Time (5 = short and easy)
  • Difficulty Level (5 = easiest)
  • Cleanup (5 = quickest)


When I ordered this meal kit from Hello Fresh, I misread the name and description. I thought I was going to be making grilled cheese sandwiches with veggies. Once it was delivered and I read the recipe card, I was surprised to see that it involved no sandwiches or even bread, for that matter.

Grilled cheese refers to actually “grilling the CHEESE”. Apparently, this special type of cheese won’t melt fast, so it can be grilled and browned while still staying in nice soft blocks. The flavor, once grilled, is kind of salty, creamy, and totally rocks.

That flavor, combined with the sweet and savory tastes of the sweet potato, onion, avocado, tomatoes, and chimichurri, makes for a really flavorful mixture. This was one of the best vegetarian meals I’ve ever tried.

The worst part of this meal is knowing that I’ll probably never be able to find grilling cheese in my local grocery store. It’s official name is Halloumi. So I’ll look for it, but I’m not holding my breath that I can buy it here. But if I can find it, I’ll absolutely buy it often. It’s easy peasy to grill this up. Yum!


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Glance through the recipe instructions before you begin. Some recipes ask you to chop veggies in the middle of the process, usually while something else is cooking on the stove. I recommend ignoring those instructions. Instead, prep all your veggies before you do anything else. (You can preheat your oven during this time). If you are anything like me, trying to chop vegetables while watching over the cooking process will usually end up with overcooked or burned food, or even knicked fingers.

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