Life-Changing Meal

Best Taste Ever!
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Let me start this off with a basic fact about me. I HATE MAC N’ CHEESE. Always have. Always will.

Wait. Hold up.

OMG! I just cooked the best tasting meal I’ve ever eaten, and it is called MAC N’ CHEESE. It’s officially called Cauliflower Pancetta Mac N’ Cheese, and I suppose those two extra words make all the difference. What I know for sure is that I could literally eat this dish every single day of the next 20 years, and wouldn’t regret it.

Seriously, if Gail and I could give this 10 stars, we would. I ONLY ordered this meal kit from Hello Fresh because Gail loves Mac N’ Cheese, and I wanted to make something I knew she’d like. I was fully prepared to eat a few bites, stick out my tongue, scrunch up my face, and ask her if she wanted mine too. Instead, I scarfed it all down, not leaving a single speck of it for anyone else. I want more, more, more!

Do I sound crazy? Well, maybe I am, but this dish was good enough to make me crazy. Okay, I’ve said enough.

GET THIS DISH. It’s so good.


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Disclosure: If you use my coupon code, I also receive credit on my meal kit. We both benefit!


Glance through the recipe instructions before you begin. Some recipes ask you to chop veggies in the middle of the process, usually while something else is cooking on the stove. I recommend ignoring those instructions. Instead, prep all your veggies before you do anything else. (You can preheat your oven during this time). If you are anything like me, trying to chop vegetables while watching over the cooking process will usually end up with overcooked or burned food, or even knicked fingers.

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  1. Sandie Thibodeaux Avatar
    Sandie Thibodeaux

    I love mac n cheese but don’t like cooked cauliflower. But I would be willing to try it.

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