Salmon Burgers meal kit

Salmon Burgers and Smokey Potatoes

This dish was edible, but mostly because the tartar sauce gave it some kick. The salmon burgers would have been pretty blah without that.
  • Flavor (5 = best)
  • Prep Time (5 = short and easy)
  • Difficulty Level (5 = easiest)
  • Cleanup (5 = quickest)


The salmon burgers and smoky potatoes dish was a meal that I described while eating it as “edible”. That’s not the highest praise I can give, obviously. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. If it hadn’t been for the tartar sauce, this would have been a very bland burger, without any real flavor. Luckily, the tartar sauce saved it. The potatoes were fine, but there was nothing particularly special about them either.

I probably wouldn’t order this meal kit again, but if I did, I’d try to add some more flavor. Maybe some extra toppings would help. I wonder if avocado slices would pair well with a salmon burger…

Anyway, unless you’re into bland salmon patties, think twice about this one. You won’t hate it, but it will only be “edible” and that’s not the point of making great meals.


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