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Sesame Sriracha Beef Stir Fry

Sesame sriracha beef stir fry finished plate
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The dish looks simple. Rice and beef. But looks are deceiving in this case. The flavor punch of this dish is anything but simple. I think the flavor of the tender carrots get a little lost in the dish, but they pack their own punch of tastiness. I wouldn’t mind eating them separately as a side dish. But the combination of flavors that get added by the sauce are lip-smacking good.

Mixing soy sauce, sesame oil, and honey, with a squeeze or two of lime really adds a phenomenal burst of flavor to the plate. As always, I only added some sriracha to my portion, leaving it out of Gail’s plate. Honestly, though, I don’t think it helped or hurt in any way. You can leave it out, and still get that great pop of taste.

The most difficult part of the prep for me was the peeling of the carrots. I have an old, bent up cheapo potato peeler from like 1979 or something, and I had to put a lot of muscle into the process. My arm was hurting a good bit by the time I was finished. Do they make electric peelers these days? I’d be all over that, if so.

Hint: When the instructions say to add garlic and scallion whites to the pan and “cook until fragrant, about 30 seconds”, and then add the ground beef…watch out. If more than 5 more seconds ticks by while you’re struggling to open the pack of ground beef, your garlic will go from “fragrant” to “Crap, the garlic is gonna burn!” just that fast. Open the pack of beef ahead of time, and be ready to add it quickly into the pan.

Nothing bad happened because of the overbrowned garlic, though. In the end, just before placing the empty pan into the sink to soak, I grabbed a spoon, scraped up all the leftover bits from the bottom of the pan, and ate it with gusto, so…. Yeah. Tasty as all get out.

I went crazy over this dish, falling in love with it. Gail? Not so much. She ate about 3/4’s of her plate, and gave the rest to me. Lucky me! The score below will have to reflect our varied reactions to the dish, unfortunately. I’d give it a 5, though, if it were just based on my own tastes.


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Glance through the recipe instructions before you begin. Some recipes ask you to chop veggies in the middle of the process, usually while something else is cooking on the stove. I recommend ignoring those instructions. Instead, prep all your veggies before you do anything else. (You can preheat your oven during this time). If you are anything like me, trying to chop vegetables while watching over the cooking process will usually end up with overcooked or burned food, or even knicked fingers.

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