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hippie wedding dance
Donna Cavalier

Our Crazy Fun Hippie Wedding

I got married! Below are the videos to prove it! If you’re looking for a clarification of what my Cavalier life might be like, these videos will illustrate it nicely. I’m unconcerned with perfection. The mistakes and oopsies of life (and wedding ceremonies) are wonderful. Those imperfections are exactly the things that make life perfect.

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hippie van
General Absurdity
Donna Cavalier

It’s Repaint The Hippie Van Day

You know we have a hippie van, right? Well, essentially, it’s an old Chevy Express 3500 V8 work van that I bought from my brother-in-law about a year ago. It was the standard work van color – white – with the normal gray undertones in all the places where the paint had chipped off. Go

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