Breaking Down Achievement

Happy New Year, y’all! A couple of days ago, I mentioned I would begin a recreation of myself in 2023, and here we are. 2023 has arrived.

Today is also the day that Bloganuary begins. If you followed me a year ago, you might remember that Bloganuary is an event that bloggers participate in each day in January. My employer,, reveals a new writing prompt each day, and the Bloganuary participants use that prompt to inspire their blog post for the day. Writing prompts are great for encouraging bloggers to write something, and it brings a group of strangers together as a community, as well.

Today’s Bloganuary prompt resonates with me because it ties directly to the post I wrote two days ago. The prompt for January 1, 2023 is:

What is something you want to achieve this year?

As a reminder, here’s what I said two days ago.

So who will I be next year? I assume I’ll continue to be the wife, the mom, the grandmother, and the writer. Those seem fairly obvious. But I think I’ll dip the virtual paintbrush into the imaginary colors of life and paint a new face on myself. Or draw a new environment. Or just recreate the Donna that I am right now.

I don’t know what that will look like. But I know that reality is what I make of it. I guess that means that in 2023, I’ll be a maker. A creator. An artist of life. And perhaps, a new Donna.

But just because I’m not sure what my new self will look like, doesn’t mean I can’t answer today’s prompt. I do have one thing in mind that I definitely want to achieve this year. But first, before I get to that, let’s meander a bit.


Let’s break that word down. What does achieve mean? Here are a few definitions.

  • “to get or obtain, by effort” –
  • “to succeed in finishing something or reaching an aim, especially after a lot of work or effort” –
  • “to get or attain as the result of exertion” –

Each definition includes the word effort or exertion. To be fair, each of those dictionaries also lists alternative definitions that don’t mention effort or exertion. But I like the way explains this word.

If you achieve something, you’ve reached a goal. Achievements aren’t accidents. If you stumble upon a treasure chest, you haven’t achieved something.

So although some definitions leave out the word “effort” or “exert”, I believe effort and exertion are necessary components of any achievement.

Enough of the word play. What is one thing I hope – PLAN – to achieve this year? That thing that I will put effort and exertion into obtaining?

I will finish writing my second novel in 2023.

I began writing the sequel to my first novel, The Grave Blogger, a few months ago, during NaNoWriMo 2022. Despite being out of town for a work event much of that time, I managed to get a large chunk of the first draft written. I then took a break from writing to focus on the holidays, my family, and a general recharging. of my soul. Now I’m refreshed and ready to finish what I started.

And let me tell you – I am pumped about it!

Pumped – but also aware of the large amount of effort and exertion it will take to achieve that finished manuscript. I will need to pull on my internal energy, even when the day has already exhausted my supply. No more energy to write? Too bad. Make more energy. It’s the only way. Like a runner crossing the finish line, even if she has to crawl across it, I must write until it’s done.

Will I achieve this goal? Just watch me.

This post is part of the WordPress Bloganuary Challenge for 2023, where everyone participating is provided a writing prompt each day. Today’s prompt was to write about something I want to achieve this year.

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  1. Christine Goodnough Avatar

    Wishing you great achievements in 2023. You’ve certainly selected an intriguing title for your novel!

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