• A Thelma and Louise Kinda Gal

    A Thelma and Louise Kinda Gal

    I often think about who I am, deep inside. Of course, there isn’t one simple answer to that. We’re all a mishmash of all sorts of things. But lately, life’s way of messing with me has proved to me what I’ve suspected in the past. I’m a Thelma and Louise kinda gal. I’m Louise, in…

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  • A Name Is Powerful

    A Name Is Powerful

    A long time ago, my mom put together an 8×10 shadow box which held little mementos of my childhood. Things like a charm bracelet, my cheerleader patch, and various bits of baby and toddler jewelry. My amazing friend, Jenny, is recreating it for me because over the decades, it became raggedy and beat up. While…

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  • Exhaustion Has Landed

    Exhaustion Has Landed

    We are moving. Again. Moving sucks. That’s the gist of this post, so if you’d rather not read further, that’s okay. You’ll have learned all you need to learn about my current state of life, and you won’t have to listen to me whine. Why are we moving? We live in a beautiful home. Our…

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  • My Cheap Portable PC: A Budget-Friendly Laptop Alternative

    My Cheap Portable PC: A Budget-Friendly Laptop Alternative

    Purchasing a computer, especially a laptop, can be really expensive. The higher the specs, the steeper the price. But what if you could put together your own portable PC setup at a fraction of the cost? Through my journey of overcoming financial limitations, I’ve learned the value of smart solutions. Having worked with an impossibly…

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  • First Flowers of 2023 Here at Home

    First Flowers of 2023 Here at Home

    Along with daylight savings time, more sunshine, and warmer temperatures, the first flowers to bloom in our flower bed happened! Those brilliant reddish amaryllis blooms you see above are so pretty. These were here last year, but they’ve come to life again this year, and I couldn’t be happier about that. It’s time, y’all, for…

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  • My New Novel, Revenge Begins With Insanity, Now Available

    My New Novel, Revenge Begins With Insanity, Now Available

    Y’all, I’m jumping out of my skin with excitement. It took a long time, but The Grave Blogger finally has a sequel available. That’s right, and the title of the new book is Revenge Begins With Insanity. For 5 days (from February 18, 2023 – February 22, 2023), the first Kindle book in the series,…

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  • DIYing Is Empowering

    DIYing Is Empowering

    This weekend, I put on my imaginary superhero cape, and I DIY’d all the things. Okay, not all the things, but a few things, and a few things is a lot for me. Have you ever bought a brand new, very expensive minivan that the dealer modified to turn it into a wheelchair accessible van…

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  • Love, My Way

    Love, My Way

    Today’s Bloganuary post is: How do you show love? I’m not sure I show love the way everyone would prefer I show it. I’m not big on public displays of affection, for example, or even a lot of private displays of affection, although I am a hugger.  But I am sure that I love big,…

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  • Jumping Into The Dream

    Jumping Into The Dream

    Today’s Bloganuary prompt is: What was your dream job as a child? I didn’t think much about adulthood as a kid. I spent a lot of time reading, absorbing, and learning, but I didn’t wonder how any of that would translate into a method of making money in the future. I was content with just…

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