Capital One, Are You Crazy?

Lately, when depositing cash at the drive-thru at Capital One Bank, the teller has requested I send my ID through the tube. This is new. I’ve never been asked this when making a cash deposit. When I questioned her as to why it was necessary, she said that it was a new Capital One rule. She mentioned that for security purposes, they were now requiring ID with every transaction.

I accepted that answer and moved on.

Until today.

Today, I noticed that when she sent my ID back through the tube, she also included a little flyer, which explained the new rule. Here’s a photo of that flyer.

Capital One new rules
Capital One new rules

Notice the line I highlighted in yellow.

“We’ll ask for your Capital One debit card and PIN”

WHAT??!! You want my PIN for my debit card? Are you crazy?

Over the years, we’ve been conditioned to never give out PINs or Passwords. Respectable companies will periodically email us, reminding us that they would NEVER ask us for that information, so if anyone does ask us, we should reject the request, as it is definitely a scam.

And now, my bank will be REQUIRING me to give them my debit card and PIN every time I make any transaction with a teller?


Take Your Policies and…

They also mention “we have strict policies in place to protect that information”. Policies, be damned. Here’s a policy for you. Don’t ask for my damn PIN! That’s a good policy!

I’m cool with giving them my ID but I am not cool with giving out the PIN number to my bank account.

Not happening. Stop it, Capital One. Just stop it.

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