Emoting With Emojis

What are your fave emojis?

Emojis are a standard way to communicate emotions these days. It took a few years for them to become so ubiquitous, but I think even senior citizens have the hang of using at least the most common ones now. Of course, I used a few emojis, starting with the most basic smiley face for years now, but my usage of them really ramped up once I started using Slack on a regular basis. I am, by no means, a true connoisseur of emojis, but I do enjoy using them in fun ways.

My 5 Favorite Emojis

Emoting With Emojis 1

Yay Tomato

I use this slack emoji most often to either say “Yay!” or just express joy and happiness. It’s, by far, my favorite emoji.

Emoting With Emojis 2

The Simple Heart

This is my go-to “Like” or “Love” emoji.

Emoting With Emojis 3

Big Ol’ Laugh

If I’m not laughing until I cry, this is the laugh emoji I like best.

Emoting With Emojis 4


It I want to show someone that I think their note or idea was really great, I’ll use this one.

Emoting With Emojis 5


Wooot is my form of celebration, like “Fantastic!” or “Great!” or “That’s Exciting!”

Of course, I often use the thumbs up, checkmark, thanks, and general smiley, plus probably another 20 more that I can’t think of off-hand. But these 5 are my most favorite.

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