Honey, I Forgot How To Sit

I’ve always known that I sometimes have “awkward moments”, but now that I’m documenting them, here and on social media, I really notice just how often that tends to be! Yikes!

Just a few minutes ago, I brought our disassembled mobility scooter from the vehicle into the house. It weighs a lot, so it’s necessary to remove both the battery and the seat to place it into the car and remove it from the car. Normally, all assembled, it looks like this:

mobility scooter

So, after bringing the pieces of the mobility scooter inside, I needed to reassemble it and move it out of the way. The bits and pieces of it were lying around in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Keep in mind that I stub my toes a lot. A LOT. So anything remotely within my walking path is bound to jump out and play WHACK-A-TOE on my feet. To avoid hurting any of my stubby little toes, I proceeded to put the scooter back together, so I could move it.

Then I sat on it.


Nope. This is what I “sat on”.

No seat, just a knob
See the seat? No? That’s because it isn’t there.


I landed less than gracefully, and definitely not lady-like, after bouncing off that horrible knobby thing that the seat was supposed to be attached to. I forgot to put the seat on it! DOH!

My tush is a little bruised, but my ego is a lot bruised! I needed a massive dose of something to make me feel all better, so I pulled out the good stuff to make me relax. No, not that!

I’m using all of my peaceful wraps to soothe my bruised ego and make me feel blissfully tranquil. The lavender-scented headband and neckband are helping my neck muscles relax and reducing my headache to a fraction of its pain. I took the eye wrap off to write this post, but I’ll put it back on momentarily. Here’s what I look like …

my peaceful wraps
Soothing, comforting, peaceful wraps

These soothing, scented headbands and wraps come from Peaceful Wraps. I have a variety of wraps in a multitude of colors and patterns. Peaceful wraps feel much like beanie babies, with the insides consisting of natural materials such as rice, corn, or flaxseed – or some combination of them. Essential oils and dried flowers and herbs give each one a comforting, pleasing smell. I’m feeling better now. I love these things!

Moral of the story:

“Only put your tushy on a cushy seat, but if you instead find yourself sore on the floor, take a soothing nap nestled in a peaceful wrap.”

Shush! I’m a novelist, not a poet, don’t ya know it!

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