I Guess I Am That Old Dog Lady

Usually, old ladies become known by their neighbors as “the old cat lady”. I guess I am falling into the category of being an old dog lady. Not that I mind, of course. I could be called worse things, I imagine. But as I watch the world spin into chaos, I’m grateful for the grounding I get from our 5 dogs.

Don’t freak out on me. Five dogs isn’t really all that many. Especially when they are all small. Heck, the bunch of them put together would probably be half the size of any large breed. Just in case you haven’t been properly introduced in real life to our dogs, here’s a bit about them.


We have one Pekingnese, Lucy, who is quite old, and fancies herself to be the grand dame of the bunch. She recently had a medical problem that has left her with a permanent cocked head. I think it’s cute as hell, frankly.

(Sadly, Lucy went over the rainbow bridge in January, 2021. She lived a long life, on her own terms, and we miss her, but honor and recognize that she did what she came to do).

Lucy, a Pekingnese


The other four are a little family. First there’s the mom of the bunch, Chica, who is obviously a Chihuahua. She’s also old – older than Lucy actually – but she’s very spry. Not that you can tell that from this photo obviously.

Update: Chica is still alive and kicking but she’s no longer living with us. She is affection-needy and she really thrives being the only dog in a family, so we gave her to someone who needed a dog to love. Both the new human mom and Chica are in a kind of bliss now.

Chica, a chihuahua


Chica took a fancy to Charlie, our Chiweenie. (A Chiweenie is half Chihuahua and half Dachshund (hence, the Weenie part of the name).

Charlie is a cool cucumber. I love this little guy.

Charlie, a chiweenie

Lily and Doc

Chica and Charlie had a fast and furious romance and not long after, Doc and Lily were born!

Lily is the chocolate brown pup, and Doc is the white one with all the brown spots.

These babies are truly special, especially Doc. He’s the smartest, funniest little dog that ever lived. Ok, I’m being a little biased there, I know, but he really is a character. Honestly, I think Doc tries very hard to be human. He’s at least as smart as your average 5 year old, I believe. Doc can easily communicate what he wants with us – no English needed.

Chiweenie puppies

My Office Space

This isn’t an unusual occurrence. Just a typical day in my life, with at least a few dogs on my lap while I work.

My dogs on my lap while working on laptop

So why am I sharing all this? Well, these pups are family, and we aren’t “us” without them. So how can I have an entire website about my life without mentioning them? That’s crazy, right?

I Might Be A Little Obsessed

So, 3 of our 5 dogs are Chiweenies, and honestly, I’m a little obsessed with Chiweenies at this point. (Dachshunds would fall in as a really close second place in what I favor). I recently heard that Chiweenies may be added to the official breeds list (or maybe they have already, I’m not sure). I hope so, only because I really want to be able to get my hands on some super cool clothing that feature Chiweenies. There are lots of fun Dachshund clothes. Here are a couple I’m dying to get one day.

I Guess I Am That Old Dog Lady 2

I love both of those! Aren’t they awesome? That second one actually comes pretty darn close to looking like our Doc, so it’s sort of Chiweenie-ish, but other than that one, it’s next to impossible to find Chiweenie-related products.

I Do Love This Breed But I Love ‘Em All, Honestly, Especially Mutts

There are so many different breeds, many I’ve never heard of. I took a little Dog Breed Quiz earlier today. Honestly, I thought I aced it, but nope. I got a 6 out of 10. I don’t feel too bad about that because I’m not really a full-breed kind of gal. I’m a proponent of adopting and taking care of rescue dogs. Sometimes those rescue dogs might actually be full bred dogs, but they were abandoned or mistreated. In any case, I’m fond of your average mutt, so not knowing all the fancy-dancy breeds doesn’t bother me too much.

I guess there’s not much more to say here. But if you didn’t know before, now you do. I’m an old dog lady.

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