I Wish I Knew How To…

The title of this post is based on the Bloganuary question of the day. What do I wish I knew how to do?

That’s a tough question. The first thing that comes to mind is that I wish I knew how to speak a second language. Spanish, preferably. I’ve tried Duolingo and various methods of learning Spanish, but I bug out after a few days and just don’t have the desire to stick with it. There isn’t enough time or motivation for me to invest that much effort into it.

I did take French I and French II classes in high school, but although I made A’s in the classes, I can’t really speak a lick of French now. I guess I was good at memorizing long enough to ace the test, but it didn’t stick with me. Mostly what I know are the few Cajun French phrases that are common here in Louisiana. My parents spoke fluent Cajun French, and my wife does as well, but I’m still at the stage of knowing only a handful of phrases.

After all that, I’d say I’m probably not destined to be bilingual.

I suppose there are a few other things that I wish I knew how to do, but not so much that I’d actually attempt to learn them at this point in my life. Things like:

  • Fixing a car
  • Building stuff
  • Chef-quality cooking

Obviously, if you look at this blog, you’ll know I did invest quite a bit of time into learning that last one. I certainly didn’t accomplish the goal of creating chef-quality meals without the help of meal kits, but I did learn a lot about cooking. So yay for that.

In general, though, I’m okay with what I know at this point in life. What I don’t know, someone else does, so I’ll hire the experts when necessary.

If I can’t afford to hire someone to do the job, there’s always the internet. I google everything I don’t know anyway, so that’s the first place I’d head to find out how to do something.

Adios for today. (Damn, I’m good, right? Hahahaha).

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  1. Carol Taylor Avatar

    Yeah! A great response to the prompt…I would also love to be bi-lingual …sigh

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