If I Could Choose A Superpower…

If I could choose just one superpower, there’s no doubt in my mind that I would choose INVISIBILITY!

Maybe the idea of being invisible plays into my love of secret spy stuff, or maybe I just relish the thought of being able to be nosy without anyone being the wiser.

I can think of a scenario playing out right now with some people I know where invisibility would come in really handy! Nope, not saying who or what or why, but just use your imagination. How convenient would it be to listen in on conversations that are meant to be private?

If I Could Choose A Superpower... 1

Yeah, yeah, that’s really terrible and stalkerish and all that, but this is just fantasy and of course I’d only use my powers for good! Of course! No really! What? You don’t believe me? Seriously!


2 responses to “If I Could Choose A Superpower…”

  1. Katherine Avatar

    Being invisible would be really cool

  2. Michelleintel Avatar

    I seriously thought about this one

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