If I Could Time Travel To Any Year…

I pondered this question for a few hours. If I could time travel to any year, what year would it be, and why?

I immediately ruled out the distant past because I don’t want to end up in a place without modern conveniences, where the idea of luxury is an outhouse, or doctors think leeches are high-tech medicine. Nope.

That leaves either the recent past or the future. I’m going to consider both.

The Future

I’d be pretty interested in traveling to 2121. First, it’s a cool number, and second, it’s just a little over 100 years from now. One hundred years is a pretty significant amount of time for things to evolve – or devolve.

My guess is that the world will either look like this:

If I Could Time Travel To Any Year... 2

Or like this:

If I Could Time Travel To Any Year... 3

Of course, I’d be happier with the first than the second. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll finally have The Jetsons technology by then.

Either way, or whatever I might find in 2121, I’d like the option to return or stay.

So that’s the future, but what about the recent past? Would I want to travel to a year in my recent past. Yes, yes I would.

The Recent Past

I’d do just about anything to be able to travel back to 2001. Why then? Because that would be the year before my mom died.

  • I’d like to spend an enormous amount of time with her – enough to really make her wonder why the heck I won’t go away.
  • I’d want to hold endless conversations with her, about anything and everything.
  • I’d like to take 1000 photos of her.
  • I’d like to record hundreds of hours of video of her.
  • I’d like to tell her I love her a million times.

I’d give a lot to be able to hear her voice again and to see her in a video. But we didn’t do those kinds of things very much back then. So I have very few photos of her, no audio at all, and no video at all. I would go back and change that, if only I could.

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