Life Drops In On You Now And Then

Meet Bunny.

Bunny showed up a few weeks ago as a tiny baby. Gail first spotted her behind the shed. It took me a few days to see her, and when I did, all I saw was a quick blur as she quickly hopped behind a stack of wood. We realized she was all alone, and Gail began worrying about her.

And then the cold weather returned.

Gail’s worry for the baby turned to panic, so I did my best to reassure her that she was protected. I wasn’t sure she would be okay, of course, but I knew there was nothing we could do. The little fuzzball would have to rely on the shelter from the shed’s floor above her, and the natural protection of her fur.

The cold snap came and went, and we didn’t see her for a couple of days. I was starting to worry, myself. Then, while standing on the back porch, I saw her hopping on the carport! I ran into the house yelling to Gail, “The bunny’s ok! The bunny’s ok!”

Not long after, Gail asked me to pick up some bunny food from the store, so I brought home some lettuce mix, celery and carrots. Gail has been faithfully providing Bunny with food ever since.

She doesn’t like the celery at all, and I don’t blame her! Yuck!

She barely tolerates the lettuce, but she’s definitely a carrot kinda gal! You can see her in the video happily munching on a carrot.

I realize the video isn’t great quality, but I could only manage to catch her from inside the house, through the storm door window, and the back porch window. So that’s two planes of glass and a bit of a distance to deal with.

UPDATE: I got another couple of quick videos without the windows in the way. Here they are.

She’s grown a good bit, mostly in the last few days. She was so tiny before, and now, she’s starting to show signs of progressing in size. In fact, here’s another video showing her becoming braver, and venturing out farther into the yard.

I don’t know how this will turn out. Maybe she’ll eventually warm up to us and become friendly. Maybe not.

Maybe she’ll wander off some day to have a grand adventure, or maybe she’ll decide to make this her permanent home.

I have no idea what the future holds, but for now, we are thrilled to have Bunny in our lives. The dogs are thrilled too, which is evidenced by how loudly they greet her every time she comes out into the open.

Just another Cavalier adventure.

Note: I have no idea what gender Bunny really is, but she looks like a girl to me, so until I know otherwise, that’s what she’ll be to me.

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