Life Is A Gumbo Pot – A Little Of This And A Dash Of That

How did nine months zoom by since the last post? Life just happens, I guess, and I got caught up in the daily whirlwind. Now, though, I want to take a moment to get you caught up with the Cavalier life.

Since last November:

Gail Creating Art

Gail, my sweet, talented wife, seriously pursued her interest in creating hand-crafted art. She’s created an astounding array of mostly wood-crafted pieces that she’s shown at festivals, sold to enthusiasts of her work, and showcased in her website at I’ve watched her spend endless hours manipulating old scraps of reclaimed wood, shaping them, carving them, and burning them. She gets such enjoyment out of the process, and the end result is beauty that others love! Take a peek at Gail’s process.

Gail Cavalier - artist

Writing Children’s Books Together

Gail didn’t stop there. She and I have been creating a series of illustrated children’s books, centered around the Petal Pals – a group of tiny friends who travel on magical flower petals. We’ve published 2 in the series so far, and the third will be published by the end of the year.

Gail is the illustrator and I am the author of the books. Together, we may a great team, and I think our books are a testament to that. We’ve had loads of fun creating the characters, and telling their stories. We discuss possible new characters and Gail starts drawing them. Once she’s given them their own unique personalities, we are able to imagine their stories, and I start writing their adventures. If you’re interested, see what we’ve been up to by checking out our first book of the series, Petal Pals: Swamp Adventure, followed by the second in the series, Petal Pals: Off to Amarillo.

Officiating at Weddings

In the meantime, I’ve been busy meeting with couples, writing their wedding ceremonies, and of course, officiating at their weddings.

Creating WordPress Websites

And naturally, I’ve also been:

  1. creating WordPress websites for several clients
  2. providing my clients with WordPress site maintenance services
  3. and working on my own website projects as well.

Here is a glimpse of a few of the WordPress websites I’ve created for my small business clients and myself.

Managing Dozens Of Websites

I also manage WordPress websites, so if you or anyone you know, needs their WordPress sites maintained and looked after, please consider me. See my services at WP Lotus.

Gumbo Pot Of Life’s Ingredients

There have been the normal ups and downs, highs and lows.

  • I helped our best friend (an adoptee) find her birth mother. That was incredibly time-consuming, but the reward is a lifetime mystery that has been solved. A huge emotional win!
  • We sold our gigantic hippy van, and Gail got a tiny Smart Car instead.
  • A young man ran into the back of our small SUV with his big truck, and I’ve been dealing with that for a while.
  • We’ve rearranged the house.
  • And probably loads of other things that I don’t remember now, and may never remember.

What have you been doing the last nine months?

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