Life Lessons

I’ve waited all day to post this because I really don’t want to write about this topic. Today’s writing prompt for Bloganuary is:

What is a life lesson you feel everyone can benefit from learning?

This one feels like a do-over because I’ve been sprinkling those kinds of lessons into some of the previous posts, and I really didn’t want to tackle this one today. So I sat on it for a while. I’ve finally decided what to say, but honestly, there could be another 100 things to say. Nevertheless, I’ll keep this one short and sweet.

Take Reasonable Risks

Do things that scare you a little, but don’t do things that would very likely risk your life (or the lives of others).Maybe that takes the form of traveling somewhere outside of your comfort zone. See the world. Or at least get out of the part of the country you’ve grown up in, and see how people lead their lives elsewhere.

Do things that might empty your wallet a little, but don’t invest your life savings into a shady deal. Any investment has some risk, so invest carefully, but do take some financial risks now and then, if you can.

Learn that thing you’ve always wanted to learn, or apply for that job you’ve always wanted to have, no matter how old you are. Unless that thing is beyond your physical capacity, try it. Do it. Learn it. Apply for it.

Take Risks, Wisely. Take Risks, Safely. But Do Take Risks.

Ok, so that feels like life advice, minus the lesson. So what’s the lesson here?

Every once in a while, there is something life-altering, mind-blowingly amazing on the other side of risk, but you’ll never find it if you don’t take that leap.

This post is part of the WordPress Bloganuary Challenge for 2022, where everyone participating is provided a writing prompt each day. Today’s prompt was to share a life lesson that everyone can learn from.

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