My Favorite Photo That I’ve Taken

The writing prompt for today asked me to share my favorite photo that I’ve ever taken. Since I’ve taken probably a million or so photos over my lifetime, picking a favorite isn’t easy. However, I do have a folder where I keep some of the ones I like best, so I chose one from there.

My Favorite Photo – Where Gail and I Got Married!

My Favorite Photo That I've Taken 1
Wedding spot, Springfield, LA

This is a wonderful little vacation rental home on the Tickfaw River in Springfield, Louisiana.

This black and white version is actually an edit of the original color version, shown below.

My Favorite Photo That I've Taken 2
Springfield, Louisiana

The color version is nice but the black and white just emits a mood I really love.

More Faves

Even though I chose this image as my favorite, I thought I’d share a few others that I really like as well.

2 responses to “My Favorite Photo That I’ve Taken”

  1. Carol Taylor Avatar

    Beautiful images I couldn’t pick a favourite but really loved the first black and white image and the crab apple 🙂

  2. Jan Beekman Avatar

    I love that first one, too. But the last one is my favorite! Thanks for sharing… I’m glad you augmented with additional ones. It’s fun to see your selfies!

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