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Today’s Bloganuary topic wants to know what’s next on my reading list. It’s too bad that you couldn’t hear the great big sigh that came out of me when I got that topic. Why did I sigh? Because I just don’t have time to read books these days!

First things first. If I had time to read, I’d also have time to write, and if I had time to write, I’d continue writing the sequel to my novel, The Grave Blogger.

But back to reading…

Since I don’t have time to indulge in fiction, but I really need to make time to read work-related books (of which I have plenty lying around waiting to be read), I guess my next book to read is called Content Design by Sarah Richards.

One of the reasons I chose this book out of the stack of content marketing books I have on my desk is that this one is my boss’s favorite. The other reason is because many of the pages in the book look like this:

Next on My Reading List 1

With those kinds of pages, I might not need a lot of time, right?

So as sad as it is to have no time to read the kinds of things I really love (detective novels primarily), I do need to find the time to read work-related materials. What’s your next book to read?

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  1. Katherine Avatar

    Hi Donna, I hope you get more time to read what you like. I use VoiceOver, a screen reader on the iPad so all my Kindle books and everything Internet-related gets read out. It saves eyestrain. Are you on Goodreads? That’s a good way to keep track of books and review them if you want to. There are giveaways (US based) as well as groups to join and lots of other book stuff. There’s an annual challenge where you can choose how many books you want to read. I get through 100-200 most years. I have been a NetGalley reviewer for the past 6 years and get PDFs of ebooks before publication. They require a review in exchange for those. I got burnout from it last year and did some promotion called a blog tour. I am glad I helped towards publication but now I’m just reviewing in my own time.

    Here’s my post for today.

    1. Donna Cavalier Avatar

      I’ll definitely check out VoiceOver. That sounds interesting. I have a Goodreads account but never find my way over there. Thanks for all the tips. Appreciate it!

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