The Sauce Connoisseur

My friends visit one of those fancy schmancy movie theaters for the first time. Put this country couple in a new situation, and sauciness ensues!

True story…

Friends of mine, we’ll call them Mr. McLovin and Billy Jean, are a fun couple. Billy Jean is a bit of a loud, funny kinda gal. Her boyfriend, McLovin, would probably be considered loud and funny in another lifetime, but next to Billy Jean, well…no one compares. 🙂 So, Billy Jean told the following story of a date that she and McLovin went on recently. I’ve only edited slightly, mainly to add, of course, the imagery to help you visualize it all! Let the story begin…

McLovin and I went on a date yesterday to a movie tavern. Now, for us country folk, most of us haven’t been to one of these awesome, “space age” places.

Movie Tavern recliners

It’s a regular movie theater where you sit in a recliner, yes an actual recliner.

Whoa! Recliners!

You order food from your assigned seat and the waitress brings it to you. The food was good and there were choices like flatbread pizza’s, gourmet hamburgers, fried pickles, salads, awesome frozen mango punch, etc. It was SUPER nice! I had the Hawaiian flatbread and sweet potato fries and as you could probably guess, the frozen mango punch, lol.

drinking a cocktail
Really, it’s just punch!

So, I MUST stop my story now to add that I LOVE dipping sauces, sauces on top, the side, below, and most every condiment. In fact I can’t think of any meat that I eat without some sort of condiment. I love to try fancy sauces that you get now with a lot of dishes….

Sweet sauces
Sweet sauces


savory sauces
Savory sauces


Fancy sauces
Fancy sauces

I tried a mango BBQ that was super good, spicy honey mustard, there’s a sweet one that comes with coconut shrimp, etc. I sometimes think that I prefer the sauces over the meat, lol. I consider myself a sauce connoisseur!

sauce connoisseur
I consider myself to be a sauce connoisseur!

Back to the movie yesterday…we were in awe of how beautiful the theater was once we sat down, the chairs are so comfy, etc. Our waitress came and we ordered our food.

We then discussed how would people order their food in the dark if they arrived late. We talked about little flashlights, etc as there is nothing except the glow of the movie.


Anyway, our chips came while there was still light….wonderful, fabulous, delicious! The movie starts and we are enjoying our drinks and then, the food comes.

Hmmmm….my flatbread was good, not perfect but very good. Of course, I had to pick a few pineapples off of my shirt but it was good. Again, it’s dark so let’s hope I got them all.

spill on chest
Ok, it’s not pineapple, but it’s something that spilled, and it’s Lucy, so yeah.

Then I tried the waffle, sweet potato fries and of course, dipped in the sauce. It was tangy and zesty but kind of sweet and it was super good. The fries were good, not greasy, good flavor and of course, I ran out of the great sauce.

no more sauce
No more sauce!!!

I pushed the button and the friendly waitress came.

pushed the button
Pushed the button

I asked her if I could have another sauce please.

another sauce please
Another sauce, please?

Keep in mind the movie is going so we had to keep our voices down.


She asked me what was the sauce? I told her I wasn’t sure but whatever sauce comes with the sweet potato fries.

She turned her head a little and said hmmmm.


She asked if it was ketchup and I told her no, it was the sauce that comes with the sweet potato fries.

Dip french fry
The sauce that came with the fries

She checked her little ordering wonder machine and scrolled thru our order. She then said that she didn’t see any order for sauce and that it was probably ketchup.

I mentally paused and time stood still as I questioned my taste buds. What could be happening with the world? Did she actually say K E T C H U P??????


I asked her again, are you sure that the sweet potato fries come with K E T C H U P???? She said yes.

Ketchup sauce
Ketchup … Sauce

I of course, asked for more and ate the ketchup when it came, a little bit deflated as my connoisseur skills took a hit.

A little embarrassed

So, that is the story. And really, there’s nothing more to say. 🙂

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