What I Like Best About Myself

Yuck. I don’t want to write about this subject. My first thought, when this Bloganuary writing prompt hit my email, was “I don’t want to be all like, “Oh, Donna is so wonderful. Her best quality is her love of animals and her desire for world peace”, or some such nonsense.



Ok, yuckiness aside, I need to answer the question. Fine. I’ll pick something.

Get It Done Attitude

Let’s go with that. I like my “just get it done” attitude when it comes to whatever task I need to do, with some exceptions, like housework. Triple yuck.

But I feel pretty good about the fact that whatever needs doing when it comes to my job, I just take a deep breath, head down, and …


I’m mostly the opposite of a procrastinator with work tasks. (Again, let’s not discuss how I might procrastinate housework).

Whether the task at hand is mind-numblingly menial and boring, or just flat-out difficult, I generally work through it like a gopher or badger or prairie dog or whatever animal just digs in and make a tunnel.

What I Like Best About Myself 2
Really looks like me doesn’t it?

There we go. That’s my not-too-yucky fave thing about myself.

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