• He Called Me A … What???!!!

    He Called Me A … What???!!!

    I marry people. That sounds weird. It’s not that I personally get married TO a bunch of people. I perform wedding ceremonies for people – people who marry each other. So now that that’s cleared up… I marry people, and before I write a ceremony for them, I meet with them first. I probe their…

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  • It’s Repaint The Hippie Van Day

    It’s Repaint The Hippie Van Day

    You know we have a hippie van, right? Well, essentially, it’s an old Chevy Express 3500 V8 work van that I bought from my brother-in-law about a year ago. It was the standard work van color – white – with the normal gray undertones in all the places where the paint had chipped off. Go…

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  • Whatever Works, Y’all!

    Whatever Works, Y’all!

    I love the fact that my last name is now Cavalier. Don’t get me wrong. Being Donna Fontenot was always great, but now that I’m Donna Fontenot Cavalier – well, it’s just that much more awesome, ya know? Why? Because that’s a pretty good way to be, I think. Just a little cavalier about life.…

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