• A Thelma and Louise Kinda Gal

    A Thelma and Louise Kinda Gal

    I often think about who I am, deep inside. Of course, there isn’t one simple answer to that. We’re all a mishmash of all sorts of things. But lately, life’s way of messing with me has proved to me what I’ve suspected in the past. I’m a Thelma and Louise kinda gal. I’m Louise, in…

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  • A Name Is Powerful

    A Name Is Powerful

    A long time ago, my mom put together an 8×10 shadow box which held little mementos of my childhood. Things like a charm bracelet, my cheerleader patch, and various bits of baby and toddler jewelry. My amazing friend, Jenny, is recreating it for me because over the decades, it became raggedy and beat up. While…

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  • What Lurks in the Predawn Hours?

    What Lurks in the Predawn Hours?

    I sat in the dark, curtains open. I’d been sitting at my desk for an hour or so, with only the glow from the computer screen providing some light. The world outside the window matched the room, mostly dark, with only a dim light rising above the rooftops across the street. Dawn was coming, but…

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  • Exhaustion Has Landed

    Exhaustion Has Landed

    We are moving. Again. Moving sucks. That’s the gist of this post, so if you’d rather not read further, that’s okay. You’ll have learned all you need to learn about my current state of life, and you won’t have to listen to me whine. Why are we moving? We live in a beautiful home. Our…

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  • You’ll Never Shine If You Don’t Glow

    You’ll Never Shine If You Don’t Glow

    Nearly two years ago, I wrote a post titled, “Words That Make A Difference“. In it, I divulged that a Smash Mouth song, “All Star”, saved my life. I was battling deep depression and didn’t see any hope for the future or any reason to continue. I quoted one of the lyrics’ lines and how…

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  • My Cheap Portable PC: A Budget-Friendly Laptop Alternative

    My Cheap Portable PC: A Budget-Friendly Laptop Alternative

    Purchasing a computer, especially a laptop, can be really expensive. The higher the specs, the steeper the price. But what if you could put together your own portable PC setup at a fraction of the cost? Through my journey of overcoming financial limitations, I’ve learned the value of smart solutions. Having worked with an impossibly…

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  • Despair Where Once Lived Hope

    Despair Where Once Lived Hope

    The human race has failed us. We had a moment of glory when we gave birth to the grand idea of the Internet*. This changed the world in the most significant ways, and for a while there, it felt like it was the greatest gift we could have given ourselves. I remember a slice of…

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  • How Did I Miss This? Eye-Opening Day

    How Did I Miss This? Eye-Opening Day

    Warning: Everything you read here will sound alarmist and melodramatic. I apologize for that. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t justified. For the last few years, I have wondered how our country has turned into what it is today. How did we become so completely divided, but more than that, how did we turn the…

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  • Feelin’ The WordPress Vibe

    Feelin’ The WordPress Vibe

    When WordPress was born 20 years ago, it broke new ground and changed the world in so many ways. It bettered the lives of millions of people, including mine. Just as WordPress caused this positive disruption two decades ago, AI is now poised to do the same. So to honor WordPress and the love I…

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