• Falling


    Both reviled and revered, It’s an essential of life. Often more feared Than the slash of a knife. It dismisses the rituals that are performed Silently mocks those that beseech its return. Disguises itself as the tears I’ve never worn, Falsely pledges to soothes life’s burns. I am rain, it says, I bring both life…

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  • That’s Entertainment!

    That’s Entertainment!

    Today’s Bloganuary prompt is: Why do I write? Good question. I don’t have a very inspiring answer, I’m afraid. I enjoy telling stories. Sometimes, I tell them verbally. More often, I place fingers on keys, and write. Other times, I combine the two. I’ll write, and then read it aloud, embellishing the already-embellished written words…

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  • Oh, The Joy!

    Oh, The Joy!

    Today’s Bloganuary prompt is What brings me joy in life? Presents!  I love receiving presents. They don’t have to be worth more than a nickel. It isn’t the value of the present that matters, it’s the surprise and anticipation and excitement of receiving something from someone. Sticky notes? Yep, I got excited about receiving colorful…

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  • The Future of Lost Treasure

    The Future of Lost Treasure

    Today’s Bloganuary prompt is: What is a treasure that’s been lost? I thought about this one for a while. Other than people I’ve loved and lost, I couldn’t think of any treasure I’ve lost. And I wasn’t in the mood to write a sad heartfelt piece of the death of loved ones. So then I…

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  • My Earliest Memories May Not Be Real

    My Earliest Memories May Not Be Real

    Today’s Bloganuary prompt asks What is the earliest memory you have? I’ve often thought about my early memories, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I have very few that I can trust are true.  Most of my early memories are ones that have photographs to back them up. So when I think of one…

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  • Should I Just Keep My Mouth Shut? Rambling Thoughts on Bravery

    Should I Just Keep My Mouth Shut? Rambling Thoughts on Bravery

    Today’s Bloganuary word prompt is, “How am I brave”?  Yesterday, we delved a little into the definition of the word, achieve. Today, let’s do the same for the word, brave.  Merriam-Webster’s definition is “having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty”. But I like the meme definitions we all see…

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  • Breaking Down Achievement

    Breaking Down Achievement

    Happy New Year, y’all! A couple of days ago, I mentioned I would begin a recreation of myself in 2023, and here we are. 2023 has arrived. Today is also the day that Bloganuary begins. If you followed me a year ago, you might remember that Bloganuary is an event that bloggers participate in each…

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  • Connecting With The Stars

    Connecting With The Stars

    Today is the last Bloganuary post. To sum up, I’ve been participating in a month-long challenge to write a blog post here every day, based on a writing prompt that gets sent to me daily. As this is the last day of the month, the challenge is coming to an end. So what is this…

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  • Me As A Tree

    Me As A Tree

    If I were a tree, which would I be, and how would I describe myself?

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